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2016 January and February Retreats

All Beings One Day Zen Retreat at Woodburn Hill Farm, Mechanicsville MD.

Photo by Inryu

January 30th, 2016


10 Opening Bell Chant/Kanzeon/Heart Sutra

10:15 Zazen

10:40 Kinhin

10:50 Zazen

11:15 Practice Discussion

12:00 Lunch

Photo of our post lunch walk taken by John Flanagan

1:00 Zazen

1:30 Kinhin

1:40 Zazen

2:10 Kinhin

2:30 Practice  Discussion with tea and cookies

3:15 Zazen

3:45 Kinhin

3:55 Zazen

4:25 Closing Circle/Refuges

Inryu can provide directions and help coordinate ride sharing to the farm from the city environs. RSVP with Inryu at bobbi@bagheerayoga.com


February 13th Opening Day – Full Day Retreat for Spring Practice Period lead by Dairyu Michael Wenger

Left to Right: Dairyu Michael Wenger and Dan Welch at the Dharma Sangha Zen Center, Crestone CO